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About Body & Soul Strength

I have been on my fitness journey for over 15 years and appreciate the vitality of whole body health now more than ever. I’m a certified Exercise Coach and Kettlebell Instructor. My training combines my knowledge of how the human body optimally functions with exercises unique to each client’s body, fitness level, and fitness goals. At Body and Soul Strength, we build strength in it’s entirety. While improving body movement and strength is our primary goal, we also place a strong emphasis on addressing the soul component in your health, fitness, and functionality. We believe in the duality in total fitness and are here to address and improve on your body as a whole.

Our Services

Created by us.

Customized for you.

Regardless of your fitness level we are here to teach you effective ways to train, correct, and optimize your health and fitness. Every program is customized specifically for clients according to their current schedule and needs. As you progress your strength, we progress with you by providing new workouts that continuously push your level. Please contact us for a specific plan regarding your goals.

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We teach. We train. We transform.


Personal Training

We Custom design fitness programs for individual and small groups that are formulated for whole body workouts and muscle transformation.



Exercise is only one component of a healthy lifestyle. We help you develop a nutrition plan that provides consistency, individual customization, and tracks your progress along the way.

Life Coaching

At Body & Soul Strength we provide Life Coaching that will enhance your mental and physical health. We know wellness is composed of the mind, body, and soul and don’t value one more than the other. Our approach addresses your health completely.